Nov 17, 2016

Queen Victoria Market, The heart and soul of Melbourne

I still remember when the first time I stepped my foot to Australia, well, Melbourne city to be exact, I was so excited to go market shopping at the infamous Victoria Market. I went to the market on my first day in Australia actually and I was in heavennnnn lol. Well its free, you have to pay nothing, you dont have to pay $35 for a freaking tour and its extremely accessible if you're staying in the CBD area. You may hop in any metro train from Flinder Street station or Southern Cross and get off at Flagstaff or Melbourne Central station and walk north along Williams or Elizabeth Street. It will cost you only 10 minutes walking distance. Senang kan? Or else you can go by tram, you might not know about this but, Melbourne has the largest operating tram network in the world tau, bukan London or Los Angeles. And QVM is located within the free tram zone. Take the 19, 57 or 59 tram to stop 7 at Elizabeth street. Don't worry, pakcik driver tu will announce the station's name once arrive haha.

QVM Opening Hours:
Tue : 6am - 2pm
Thu : 6am - 2pm
Fri : 6am - 5pm
Sat : 6am - 3pm
Sun : 9am - 4pm
**closed on Monday, Wednesday and some Public Holiday.

So lets get back to the business haha. Queen Victoria Market is also known affectionately as QVM or Vic Market, is the heart and soul of Melbourne city, much more than the city’s fresh-food shopping centre – it’s a historic landmark, an absolute tourist attraction. The market started 132 years ago and it is one of Melbourne city top attraction with approximately 10.5 millions visitor each year. Why does this market drew so many people everyday? Entah. Korang tengok la sendiri gambar-gambar kat bawah. Lol.

I like to walk along the cafes around the market to get the contagious relaxing atmosphere before hopping in the market to shop. Spanning several city blocks, with over 600 traders, the Queen Vic Market is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere and attracts thousands of shoppers every day. Shoppers can find everything from fruit and vegetables to local and imported gourmet foods, fashion and general merchandise.

The QVM is not only busy during the day, it attracts heaps of people at night too. There is a winter night market every Wednesday night and the summer festival night market will start soon on 16th November 2016 until 8th March 2017 from 5pm-10pm every Wednesday. You don't wanna miss Melbourne's largest global array of streets food, free live music and roving entertainers, vintage shopping and all the atmosphere of a summer festival like no others ;)

*summer night market

*sedapnya pig tu, its a female pig ok haha. Diorang kata female pig kurang odour tak macam male pig lolzzz.

*Abang-abang pinoy ngah bakar satay babi 😂

*free live music and entertainment during night market. 

*some people came here to shop, while some others just enjoy the atmosphere and having a good time with their friends and families.

*QVM at night

*abundant choice of food

*me outside the general merchandise area. 

*live music and street buskers provide a vibrant atmosphere outside the market. 

*legend! You must find this food truck and try the doughnut. I love them!

Seriously, QVM or Victorian Government or Melbourne City Council or Board of tourism did not pay me anything for sharing this post with you guys, this article is solely based on my personal experience. So I hope this will help you guys reader to understand and get an idea what QVM is all about and how to get there. And please forgive my grammar and vocab error, I try my best to improve my English writing. Enjoy your visit to Melbourne. Cheers mate!

The end.

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